Beautiful app for photographers and everyone who wants to track the sun and moon.


Customizable Watch Face

Customize countdown complications to the event you need, like nautical, civil, blue, golden hour, or just the sunrise/sunset.
Also, customize the weather condition you like to know like rain, cloud cover, wind direction, speed, humidity, temperature, etc.,

Countdown to your workouts around sunrise/sunset with this watch face for fitness enthusiasts


Sun Watch Faces

Countdown to golden hour, blue hour, sunrise, sunset with weather conditions in this watch face for outdoor photographers.

Get photographic times, weather conditions, sun's altitude, and direction in this analog watch face for landscape photographers.


Moon Watch Faces

Get moon's current altitude, moon phase. Countdown to moonrise/set, know its weather forecast. Also, know moon rise and set direction in this watch face for moon lovers.

Know if the moon is above the horizon? Is it rising or setting? Get the moon's altitude, direction, phase, rise/transit/set times, weather conditions in this analog watch face for moon lovers.


Complications for each watch faces

Sun Information

Everything you need to know about the sun - sunrise, sunset, first light, last light, the golden hour (also known as Magic Hour), blue hour, astronomical, nautical twilight, and more.

Moon Information

Everything you need to know about moonrise, set, altitude, azimuth, weekly phase info, monthly overview, and more.

Weather Information

With weather information for sun events, you can plan things out.

Dynamic Notification

Notification with countdown timer & snooze.


Minimalist or Pro, Customize the information to your need.

Solar Compass

Plan before you step out. Just turn the digital crown to Time Travel.


Localized in Chinese, Japanese, French, German.





Universal Purchase

Use Lumy on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod with a single purchase on the AppStore.